Find a lower price anywhere and we'll beat it by 5%! A 90-degree V-6 has three shared crankpins set 120 degrees apart. Pink switched power wire, this needs to be connected to a point that is 12V in run and while cranking. Some logs have water up to just short of the port. Do you also recognize that the O2 sensor that is required for closed-loop operation will not survive in the "wet" manifold used by most marine engines, and that to install a device to protect the O2 sensor from this moisture may require the removal, machining, and replacement of the exhaust manifold? The problem is with the Holley computer when you turn on the keyit squirts a prime for a split second. When it did keep running, the headers all started to smoke. Holley sent him a new one for free. Other than the constraints provided in the article above I see no reason why this wouldn't be a great upgrade. Thanks for that, Danny. (REGISTERED USERS DO NOT SEE THIS POST/AD! I had an o2 sensor fail on a pass yesterday, and flatline at 11.5afr. Brand: Holley EFI Emission Code: 5: Material: . Are you holding your RPMs back with the MSD for some reason? Advertising . Thanks again for writing! 2014 FJ Cruiser - White - 4X4 - Loaded - . For the most part, the small harness is plug-and-play. It has about 18 hrs to date and is working great. I've been building a TBI system from GM parts to use on a 1987 Wellcraft with the Mercruiser 4 cylinder engine. I would prefer to run this brand new Holley EFI system in a closed loop, not set the fuel map, and use the O2 sensor as only a sensor. Most of you only need to tune 4 points, idling around the marina, part throttle - pulling the rope tight, 1/2-3/4 throttle - cruise, and YeeHaa - WOT. ),,,, Removed all the unused wires from harness and wrapped all the remaining wires and harness with rfi shielding tape. If you let it cool down again, does it start up fine? Runs like a champ now. The first thing to consider here (if you are in the USA) is US Coast Guard (USCG) Safety Approval. Also the progressive link. I've dunked mine lots of times. $119.95. According to AEM Electronics, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket Wideband O2 sensor kits, the following may damage or destroy oxygen sensors: Additionally, if an Sniper or Terminator X EFI System has repeated O2 sensor failures and none of the above-listed suggestions seem likely then contact Holley and arrange to have the unit tested. It does this every time..when you start a warmed up engine, its too rich and starts poorly without throttle. Oxygen Sensor is sold separately.Adaptor should be installed in a flat area of riser at least 6 before water blends with exhaust. Welcome to ClassicBroncos! 100% identical. So much it could be. 4. check out the. 2 Reviews. I am happy with Holleys no hassle replacement of the parts. : For registered members this ad will NOT show. He also explains how to properly install them. Other countries likely have simmilar approval processes for marine engines. The sniper fit perfectly on the intake. Search for the cheapest hotel deal for O2 Hotel Taipei Main Station in Taipei City. The ones in the Bosch box come without warranty. It is the ratio between the mass of air and the mass of fuel in the air-fuel mix at any given moment. If you call, they usually let you put in your name and they get back to you. Price Point: $$$. Capability Range: Professional That is defacto step one in trouble shooting fuel injection systems. Copyright 2022 Holley Performance Products, Inc. All right reserved. Do you recommend in-tank or external fuel pump? Installed a Lokar throttle linkage bracket custom made for the Sniper, removing the old one that had been on my Holley 750. I think I could run more boost but it's a real hand full right now. Plug-And-Play Compatible with Holley Sniper EFI System, Only for applications that use a Bosch LSU 4.9 0 258 017 025 (17025) Wideband O2 Sensor, Particulates, carbon (e.g. Capability Range: Moderate There is no problem getting this tuned and then running open loop. . It's hallmark is its simplicity--but in this case it is also it's shortcoming. No one cares about your buddies old antiquated garden hose technology. I wanted to let you all know, I have modified a mercruiser Cool Fuel Gen 3 module(mounted on the engine) to provide fuel to a sniper. Fortunately, it turns out there are some options. The engine floods and it is embarrassing when leaving a lock. . Racing Use Only Vehicles are vehicles that are used exclusively for competition that are not registered and that may never be used on the street. 29. I have a boat with twin 3.7 Mercruisers. Be sure to disable autotune and remove the O2 sensor before it dies. I'll let you know how it works out. We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. non biased Shelby Cobra related site! Ran about 5 seconds and died. 2023 HOLLEY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Is the O2 sensor on the dyno must have a very long pipe extending past where it is positioned or backwash from the room air will violate the readings as well as any header leaks. He had one there that was run on a dyno then the fuel map was set and shipped back. Oxygen Sensor is sold separately.Adaptor should be installed in a flat area of riser at least 6 before water blends with exhaust. After a few tries by jumping the starter solenoid I then realized the ignition key was in the off position. Purely coincidence about the '2300' number. JavaScript is disabled. Without Headers Steamers location (above) is perfect, up close to the engine where you . All sensors are tested to ensure they accurately report critical engine data to the . WARNING: It is against the law to install this part on an Emissions Controlled Vehicle, By Corey A on June 4, 2021 | Verified Owner. You really want a bigger engine. Phil is right. Most water jacketed header manufacturers (Lightning, CMI, etc) will install 02 bungs in their headers for extra money. The following vehicles are considered Racing Use Only Vehicles: Holley is the new standard in EFI! Then having an experienced tech from a local dyno speed shop ride in the boat as you run the power up and down, making notes. You must log in or register to reply here. . Yes, this is an old thread, but it's an old unit. This Video Shows Ideal O2 Sensor Placement! While this is extremely unlikely if you are having immediate, back-to-back O2 sensor failures you should make the effort to rule this out. EFI Systems based on Holley's world-class Dominator and HP ECU's. I am concerned about the O2 sensor consideration, but in the end isn't the carburetor situation open loop? I had an injector fail after a month of running and called the tech line who helped me figure that out. One workaround was to leave it in gear and slow to a stop and push the clutch as RPMs drop . Everything about the fuel prime shot can be adjusted. 10 min read. Sniper EFI Quadrajet Marine. Not always the case with a boat. There can be leftover debris from manufacturing that have been washed down and are now clogging one. Bolt-on carburetor style EFI for your classic car or truck. You need to intimately know the system you are using, its capabilities and limitations, install it correctly and have it tuned with someone with experience specific to marine applications. The truck started fine after install, and ran down the road ok. replaced my original terminator x sensor that was mounted in an exhaust that took on some water and killed the original sensor. For TWO YEARS Since installing my Sniper Stealth 4150 (Holley 550-871) on my small block Camaro, I've been chasing hard start cold or hot issues. Wideband Oxygen Sensor Extension Cable. Will I be able to run both systems off of one fuel pump? OT pipes may be out of the question, but with the water dumps put in at the transom, ala Gil or Rewarder OT pipes, you could get dry readings with bungs a little above where they bolt onto the logs, I would think. Found out that it was due to rfi/emi. I have about 30 hrs on the unit and it just keeps getting smoother with every hr of run time. Description. My first install was on a stock manifold and I installed it in about the same spot Steamer (above) did, except 180 degrees the other way, facing towards the front of the vehicle. Any word on this? Bolt on 4150 Flange Carburetor Replacement. I would back-burner the ignition control questions until you get the fuel injection working. Top 10 Holley Sniper EFI Tech Tips Holley Technical Training Manager Tom Kise's top ten "suggestions" for Holley Sniper EFI System installation issues. Did a test startup on my new sniper by running the power wire to battery + and not using the o2 sensor.I also capped off the regulated return line with a hos. It just means that if you are thinking you'll install this, crank it, and pull away from the dock with complete success you might be in for some disappointment. From there, the idea is that it will self-tune to the requirements of the engine. To take advantage of all the site features, please take a moment to register. My Lightnings have a bung welded through the water and into the dry exhaust area at the collector. The first option is to just buy the injector body and the controller with the wiring harness and sensors. Then they had it repaired and back to me in 5 business days. Followed all the instructions to the letter. #3. I'm about to embark on the same type of project. Mine is right where Steamers is, and works well with my AFI TBI. I am in the middle of a repower of twin BBC 481, mild cam which will need to be recarbureted. Replacement Sniper and Terminator X O2 Sensor, This part is legal for sale or use on Racing Use Only Vehicles. The adapter will be fastened in both metal parts so that no water will reach the O2 sensor. Waiting for spring to put back together. I am a competent mechanic and I have checked all the usual suspect items. I stopped by Bergeron on my way back to the lake, and he said they have never found a good way to run O2 sensors in a marine exhaust. Hello Chris,Ontario's boating season is about to launch for another year.Do you have any good news to add to your above article, any new marine friendly TBI products?In '08,I installed a Holley 21-700 TBI with the o2 mounted in the manifold to Holly specs. I had questions on the suggested "Marine O2 Sensor Adapter" from Howell EFI (, but when I look to the pictures, I understand how it will work. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find and book the hotel deal at O2 Hotel Taipei Main Station that suits you best. I do believe that the Holley EFI ECU's have the capability to be programmed to work in this application, but have not yet found anyone who has tackled this task and been fully successful.If you (or anyone else) does make some progress on this, please reply here and let us know what works. so mine has been pretty good but 1 out 20 starts you can hear the fuel pump run longer then normal..when it does that it will light off then diebut if i put my foot to the floor it will start..still working on that 1..timing i am running 12 cranking.20 idle.40 cruze.35 wotstill playing with all of this..Mine is also a sniper stealth. Having the same problem with my sniper as well, intermittent hot (and cold) start issues. The throttle body has a built in fuel pressure regulator set at 58.5 psi. I have installed the Holley hp efi MPFI on my twin inboard mercruiser 350ci 270 hp. OP, the Edelbrock system looks to use the same basic sensors as the Holley sniper system: TPS, MAP and O2, plus a few supporting sensors. Only a few hours on the motor but so far so good. Categories. To those who have installed the Sniper EFI units, please post up some photos of where you tapped the exhaust line to install the Oxygen Sensor's weld bung. I myself will convert my 2 302's (Volvo Penta 5.0 l AQ231A) from carbs to EFI; I must find out everything before I start work on the engines, then I am satisfied to start. Robust, feature-rich multi-port EFI systems offer easy plug-and-play late-model V8 engine swaps. Free ground shipping regardless of order size! Yeah, it may sound hokey to some, but is just one option to solve the issue where you are and with what you have. holley sniper efi Holley Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Master Kit - Black Ceramic Finish $1,475.95 Part# 550-511K holley efi 100 PSI Stainless Pressure Sensor $155.95 Part# 554-102 Are you waiting to convert your carbureted vehicle to Sniper EFI, but don't like the idea of mounting an external fuel pump? In the case of the car, you can generally get out and walk (run?) Previously, none of Holley's throttle body injection (TBI) systems, such as the Terminator EFI were USCG approved (even though the HP and Dominaor ECU's themselves are.) Sniper EFI 2300 Marine. Otherwise I have to check for a place in my gasoline tank to put the lines in. You'll also notice that the firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2. Innovate Motorsports HBX-1 Bung Extender.¤t=MAH05771.mp4, Did you use the Holley fuel pump and have you had any issues with it? I had an o2 sensor fail on a pass yesterday, and flatline at 11.5afr. Then operate open loop with a fuel map\Timing curve.I am interested in the capabilities of the Sniper product (4 injector) in a Marine application.. Late to the party but here's where mine are installed. On my system, I machined in the O2 sensor right between the snail and the manifold of a . It will not fit on round or oval risers without a suitable flat area. So there is at least some probability of success. If this is a first time effort, find a tuner in your area with marine experience. Restore or update your Holley Sniper EFI System with this WBO2 Sensor 17025 Bosch 554-155 Holley. New 100 owner, long time cruiserhead - With a bad TPS you will have to manually prime to try and get it . The Ford 2300 engine uses a Holley carburetor, but it is in fact a licensed copy of a 32/36 Weber. Part# 554-155. holley efi. Holley Sniper EFI Oxygen Sensors 554-155 Hopefully this one lasts longer than the original. The Sniper EFI master kit contains the most complete EFI fuel system on the market. The latest is the new Holley Sniper EFI touted as a true bolt-on self-learning carb replacement. Has been since the 80's. #1. This was for MPFI. Full time feedback from the sensor is what the computer uses to refine the fuel table. The Tech Tips and discussions are also great! What I don't want to do is spend more money on the headers than on the fuel injection upgrade and new propeller set. Posted By : / actual instructions in flowcharting are represented in /; Under :nose exercise before and afternose exercise before and after Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) - The most common reference term used for mixtures in internal combustion engines. Holley's self learning system is a blessing and a curse. The very front would be the safest place. Free ground shipping regardless of order size! Add to Cart . 02/25/2020. Did a test startup on my new sniper by running the power wire to battery + and not using the o2 sensor.I also capped off the regulated return line with a hose, clamps, and chamfering bit.In the settings I chose closed loop disabled (set to open loop) and also set learn mode to disabled. Maybe my manifolds leaked the inside between the snail and the log?? Oxygen (O2) Sensor - Is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the exhaust gas. The Holley Sniper system sells for $999.95, installs in under 2 hours, and requires only an O2 sensor, a temp sensor (both included), an electric return-style fuel pump, and four-wires to connect.. Quote Reply Topic: Holley Sniper Posted: Jan/05/2022 at 2:01pm . Wiring the Holley Sniper EFI system is equally easy. i'm not aware of a universal aftermarket EFI fuel pump kit that is USCG approved. Tips on how to measure the correct location and other considerations when welding in an O2 sensor bung. That sounds like one solution. Throttle body mounted ECU - no extra boxes to mount. Good luck! Attempted to make a parts run in my 1990 Third gen Chevy Camaro with a small block chevy 350 with flowmaster mufflers.I believed the issue in this video to b. As always, your results may vary and batteries not included. Holley Oxygen Sensor O2 Bung Weld-In Style; Larger Image. Or maybe I could just use a piece of spare/junk exhaust tubing, and bolt it to the manifolds and add a weldless O2 bung to it. Holley has a pump almost identical in size to the OEM pump and it's not difficult to change. As a follow up, I ended up using an eBay type anti fouler elbow for the O2 sensor to try and get it out of the water in the manifolds. In a horizontal or if pointed upwards it can collect exhaust condensation liquids upon start up. And the relay and fuse were mounted along the firewall. It turns out that the loading generated a propeller in the water is significantly different than wheels on pavement, so much so that the map has to be tuned differently. In order to do this, it heavily relies on proper O2 sensor placement. Introducing Sniper EFI Master Kits, with a Returnless Retrofit Fuel Module. Whether you're engine swapping your classic car or need to manage 4000 horsepower in your twin-turbocharged drag radial race car, Holley EFI has the solutions you need to get your project up and running better than ever! When either of these operating temperature ranges is exceeded, the sensor can no longer be . That's great--we look forward to your results! holley efi. If you are not running the latest software stop guessing and go download it. I will keep the replacements as spares. You are using an out of date browser. Note, that is not a crack in the exhaust manifold, just a shadow from a casting flaw. Then dialed back the cranking fuel quite a bit and that seemed to help some, but still having ongoing issues. If you have a manual tranny starting off without squealing the tires can be tricky because all four barrels open up at the same time.
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